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Before you read this Inspiration, I have a question, “Are you ready to get started?”

If you are truly ready to create changes, then read my comment at the end.

Let’s create real changes in our lives and in the world around us! – Devlyn Steele


If you board the wrong train, it is no use running along the corridor in the other direction. -Dietrich Bonhoeffe


Is Summer Over?


Summer is over! Or is it?  Actually, summer does not officially end for a while, but here in the United Sates we connect our Labor Day holiday to the end of summer vacation season. As a result, we get a back-to-work mentality, and activity increases! 


Kids are back in school, business traffic is up and for the next three months until Thanksgiving, it’s all about work. It’s funny how we program ourselves to toggle up, or down.  Memorial Day means slow down; July 4th means it’s mid-summer and slow down more; then Labor Day.  Between Thanksgiving and the end of the year holidays slow down again. Then decide to change your life for New Year’s.


Mental switches that we develop regulate our behavior and our level of activity.  You were not born with this pattern predisposed; you developed it.  For the most part, you learned it in school. School vacations come and go; family get together, family focuses on their own lives. Those patterns we learn stick with us.


That is true about most of our behavior.  How we eat, exercise, sleep, work, relate to others--you learned it, and you developed habits and patterns.  You do not think, “It’s Labor Day, I will now become more focused.” You just do it.  You know to do it and you do.  It’s like a switch flips on, and you go back into work mode.


Those switches are in our brains. We turn on and turn off, do this or do that, behave this way or that way.  The switches run on automatic like train switching stations, switching the tracks, continuing the routines, and keeping to our schedules. 


Every now and then we behave like train inspectors doing an inspection. We do an assessment and decide to revamp the schedule. But then the change disrupts the flow we are used to, so we go back to the automatic switches we knew. It might not be the best schedule, but it requires the least amount of effort and thought.


Where we end up in life day-to-day is most often not an accident. We question, “How did I end up here?”  Out of shape, overweight, credit card debt, no relationship, troubled relationship, career I don’t like, and the endless other situations we complain about.  We try to figure out who forced us onto that train that delivered us to where we are.  We fail to understand that we own that train and we manage it. If we were not involved, paying attention, or actively choosing our direction, we’ll end up at train stations on the route of automatic pilot.    


When I was a kid, I went to the store and asked the guy, Do you have any toy train schedules?  -Stephen Wright


It’s your schedule. Though there are rare life situations over which we have no control, almost all of your life direction is up to you, and you can re-route yourself anytime you want.  You can get on the track of your choice, and change the stations where you arrive. In fact, let’s blow up that old schedule, and change the switch on that train that takes you to the wrong station. Because summer is not over yet! You can make your life what you want it to be.


Sundance Kid to Butch Cassidy after blowing the train car to smithereens. “Think ya used enough dynamite there, Butch?”


Let’s get ready to create a real explosion of activity in our lives,


Devlyn Steele


Are you truly ready to get started?

Are you for sure ready to create changes in your life?

Are you seriously ready to get on board a new train?


All week long, on the Daily Podcast, I share ways to get started.  That’s the topic of this week: Getting Started!  I like what Walt Disney has to say about that, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. 


Share your comments here with me about this Inspiration.  Share your comments on the Podcasts, and answer the Weekly Ask. 


All you need to say is, “I am ready to get started!”


Add your name. Put it in writing. Let your voice be heard.  Make that commitment!

As you take that step, we all join forces to make this a great week in your life. 

A week where you make a difference!


Let’s get the conversation going. Let’s create real changes in our lives, and in the world around us.


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After  62 years, 2 months and 24 days, its time for a change.

 One reason your topic hits home is that I can identify times in my life when those habits did change dramatically, the last time much for the worst.  I essentially "retired" and lost control of my life by going into automatic pilot.  


Thanks for the boost.

I am ready to get started


                         Gustavo Gonzalez


started - september first - new diary, new me 

"I am ready to get started!"

I am so thankful for "Tools for life"


                              Carina Chan




I am ready to get started!

yes,i´m ready.i need to get ready or i will always see my days blowing whithout any change.

yes,i´m ready.i need to get ready or i will always see my days blowing whithout any change.

yes,i´m ready.i need to get ready or i will always see my days blowing whithout any change.the sumer is not ended.


I am ready to get started with changes to my life.

yes i am ready to start the changes in my life