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Surprises, Life is Full of them



It’s true, life is full of surprises.  You never know where and when, but truly there are endless surprises anywhere and everywhere.  They can be around any corner just waiting for you… I’m not kidding, you better watch out.  It’s waiting and ready to jump out, so keep your eyes wide open and look. 


Turn that corner and you could meet a new friend or lover; in the bookstore, coffee shop, grocery store, who knows?  Turn another corner and find a new job. Around the next corner and there’s an apartment or house that just came available.  A fantastic book, an art exhibit that blows your mind, a restaurant that is a culinary dream, a movie you never heard of, a lecture, a sunset, a song, who knows? 


Laugh at a good joke, be amazed at a story you are told, discover character revealed in a new person in your life, or slow down and discover the hidden treasures in people you already know.  Open a drawer and a photograph lies there, reminding you of a special moment or person. Stand in awe as your child plays.


Look up and see the special beauty in your partner that only you know. Feel that tingle flow through your blood, allow yourself to get connected with your inner joy.  You saw that beauty when you fell in love; see it again as you allow yourself to. Catch a glimpse and get surprised by the amazing person in your life. The beauty in your life can grow. It can surprise you more with each day.


All day long there are surprises waiting, you can find yourself smiling. You can discover a client who appreciates your efforts, a boss that knows your skills, an employee who will go the extra mile for you, a neighbor who offers a hand.


“Surprise, surprise, surprise!”   -Gomer Pile


You don’t want to miss it, do you?  Yet, you might have stopped looking and you are missing it every day.  You walk right past life’s surprises in the rush and rut of your routines.  It could be you just stopped believing in surprises altogether.


Too many disappointments and you don’t think that relationship, job, house, fun, joy, or spark is out there for you.  You spend your days head tilted down as you turn the corners, so you miss it! You don’t even catch a glimpse. You wake up not expecting life to surprise you; but just to get through the day. 


Imagine if you woke up excited believing that each day was full of surprises waiting for you to discover?   If instead of your head down as you follow your tired routine, you look around for joy. How exciting would that be, as you begin your day?   


Do you really know your street, your neighborhood, or the surrounding areas? Surprises are all around you and you don’t have to go far to discover them and increase the joy in your life.  Gas prices rising, travel difficult? That cannot stop you from living life.  Decide to get surprised right where you are, each day. Stop in that shop you’ve never been to, take a new route, bring fruit or flowers into work for everyone, stop and say hi to

someone’s pet, answer the phone without checking Caller ID, call someone you haven’t phoned in a while, go ASK for that raise, see what happens?  Whistle a happy tune you remember from childhood. Pay attention to the things that make you excited to be alive.


Your job, your family, your expenses and your responsibilities do not have to be a prison that bars you from life. Your past is not today.  Don’t live your life in the rear view window, or with the blinders down, or downcast eyes. Start believing. 


Can’t figure out what you want, what your next move is?  That’s ok, let life surprise and guide you. Let yourself enjoy the art of discovery and you will feel a new sense of connection that will naturally guide you, if you let yourself become aware.


It all starts with your belief. Believe that there are surprises and you will discover them.  Big or small, it doesn’t matter.  Each surprise you discover will strengthen your spirit.  Each surprise will make it easier to find the next one.  Find them moment by moment and day by day and you will all-of-a-sudden be living a life of joy and abandonment. 


Start your day excited because you are about to be surprised!  You have no idea what you will discover. You will be in the day, you will allow the day to unfold its joys, and you will be surprised at what you discover. Surprises: your life is full of them.



Devlyn Steele


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Living a life of joy and abandonment?????????Do you mean abandonming the old fears?

This is great!  Where do you get all these inspiring thoughts and ideas from?  You're like a fountain flowing with happy thoughts!  Smile


I love the idea of exciting things just waiting around the corner, especially when it's a corner you pass everyday and never go round to see what's on the other side!


And I totally get the walking around with your head down all the time - I've done it!

It makes sense you could be missing out on meeting the man of your dreams (or woman of your dreams, depending on your gender and preferences).  Sometimes we have to open our eyes and look!


I love the idea of doing something spontaneous like turning down a different route you've previously ignored, enter a shop you wouldn't normally go in, look out for daily surprises.  I'm going to add this to my daily checklist - Look out for daily surprises!