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No More Resolutions, Make Revolutions!

-Devlyn Steele


Year after year we go through the same routine of closing out one year and bringing in a New Year. As we do so, we wipe the slate clean and start the New Year with a fresh outlook. We say that this is the year that we are going to create certain changes in our life. We state these changes in what is commonly referred to as New Year resolutions. Psychologically, the idea of a new beginning gives us a sense of optimism and hope. That's a great way to approach your life and the start of a New Year, with hope and belief that things can change.


Even though we go through this routine, more often than not we do not follow through with the actions and behaviors for a long enough period to produce the results we want.  Our initial enthusiasm gets worn down by the routines and patterns that we have established in our life. As the years progress we have in fact reinforced the notion that it's okay not to follow through. We have grown accustomed to our behavior and don't hold ourselves accountable. We, in fact, know that for the most part we will not follow through with our resolutions.


Further, we are so aware of our patterns of behavior that we might even stop making New Year resolutions out loud. We say to others, "oh, I don't believe in New Year resolutions." However, it's not that we don't believe in resolutions, we just no longer believe in ourselves. Notwithstanding, that fact we still make resolutions. We just make them secretly under our breath to ourselves.


Why do we make resolutions when we don't even believe in them? We make them because we all want change in our lives. Why do we make them secretly? We make them secretly to ourselves so we no longer have to be held accountable and feel badly when we don't follow through.  In fact, the lack of follow through on resolutions changes a resolution to a wish. A "resolution" is a statement of action. Thus, to be resolved, means to be committed and dedicated to an act. That means you are resolved to take action. A wish is something you want granted to you without taking the action.


The question is, do you really want to create change in your life this coming year? 2009 has been a year of obstacles for so many. I feel that not only do so many want change, but so many need change. However, we cannot wish or wait for change. We cannot expect the economy, government, society or any others to create the changes we need. We need to look within ourselves, to be the change we want to manifest in our lives. 


The only obstacle between you and creating change is yourself. It's time for you to start believing in your power. It's time to get resolved to act. It's time for change, real change. Free yourself of what holds you back. Free yourself from a mindset of waiting, negative expectations and lack of follow through with consistent action. You no longer should live within the limitations of your resolutions and wishes. It's time for you to revolt against your pattern of thinking that is holding you back. It's time to forget about resolutions and declare 2010 a year of revolution, the Personal Freedom Revolution of 2010. A year we become free of our old patterns and set our lives in a direction we want. A year of real change!


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Yes, it is a different program and I am making a video now on doing them both at the same time, which might be much.  


Video will be up ASAP... 

Hey Devlyn,

I know this has been asked before but I couldn't find your response:  how do I register for the Personal Freedom Revolution by using my current username?  I tried signing up with my existing username but it said it was already taken. 


I suppose I need to create a new one.


Happy New Year and to an amazing 2010!