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Started On: 12/24/09
Last Activity: 12/25/09
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rob11683 created by: rob11683

Getting started

Hey all, I just thumbed through some of the comments and am soo very happy to see not only other people out there like myself but others also taking the initiative to be better. I just joined and am going to work on decluttering my surroundings then my life. Today's activity is the dishes and laundry.




Fri, Dec 25 04:59 PM

new patterns - added: Fri, Dec 25 04:59 PM

Well now all the work is done! But guess what else? I have a new found pattern, whenever a dish gets dirty wash it immediately and not allow myself to procrastinate on it. Also I have put laundry baskets in all bedrooms and bathrooms so no more clutter on the floors and having to do 13 loads in 2 days. I know these things are what most already do but in this case we are starting as simple as possible to achieve the most. A life. So after all these new found activities and decluttered items I will be going onto the kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets for tomorrow. I hope some of this helps  and lets you know it doesn't matter where you start as long as you keep going forward.



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The Dishes Are Always with us - added: Tue, Feb 23 06:34 AM

I live alone so I have nobody to please but myself, but I don't please myself, Untill I have cleared something like 3 days washing up I never have a moments relaxation  because of the waiting time I need to attack these dishes with first washing them under the running tap then putting bleach into the cups before rinsing. My cutlery is soaking in a large jug of washing up liquid and again, bleach.

I stack my washes dishes waiting to be washed.

After all that I am happy to put the kettle on for a cup of tea.

I am half way to relaxed. but, beware of waiting too long to finalise as the next lot of dishes are on there way. (by now I dont have a single piece of cutlery to use )

So at last I fill a bowl full of lovely hot water and washing-up liquid, washing up is now a breeze.

I can sit back with a feeling of contentment.

I wonder is it worth putting off washing the dishes at lease once a day?

The satifaction at the end is so worth all the pain.


Eileen Davidson


p.s. My daughters have bought me a dish washer for christmas, I am now waitingfor it to be plummed in. I just know I will love it.