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Started On: 08/12/07
Last Activity: 08/12/07
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Bunchee created by: Bunchee

Simple But is Powerful


I just started a very, very simple new habit that has ended up subtly but amazingly powerful for my decluttering. 


I have placed a large, plastic  'Exclusively Donations'  bag in a close, very accessible location.  




I do not go through that bag, just donate it when I can.


Likely many have thought of this and do it, but those that don't or it wasn't successful last time, I recommend you try it in this way.

 It is so easy and effective.  


I think some parts of making or breaking the clutter, are very small, simple things.   Tiny success-es add up! 





Sun, Aug 12 12:00 AM

THE MISSING PART of this Message - added: Sun, Aug 12 12:00 AM

The MIDDLE (MAIN) ... part of this message disappeared???   ..... Sorry!


Here it is:


When the thought comes into my head ... "I should give this old thing away." I stop what I am doing and immediately take 'the thing'  to the donate bag. 

I do not give it another thought! (very important step)  ..... then I go back to what I was doing.