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Started On: 02/10/08
Last Activity: 02/10/08
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lkid604 created by: lkid604

27-Fling Boogie!

It's a little thing that FlyLady has in her babysteps... the 27-Fling Boogie!


She suggests things like setting the timer for no more than 15 minutes, grabbing a bag or a box and finding 27 things that you can get out of your house. She suggests that you go by theme!


27 things that are just garbage.

27 things that you could give to a charity.

27 things you could sell on eBay.

27 things that you could give to a homeless or domestic violence shelter.

27 things to be sold at the church rummage sale. 

27 things that actually belong in your house, but not in that room where you are decluttering.

27 things that just need to be hung up or put away properly.

27 things that go in the recycling bins. 


I think you get the picture. Just grab your egg timer or the timer on your stove or on the microwave and just FLING.


You thank yourself for it.