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Started On: 01/21/08
Last Activity: 03/18/14
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janetlegere created by: janetlegere


Hello fellow Tools members,


My  name is Janet Legere and I just agreed to help out by moderating this group.


With over 8 years of online marketing experience, I look forward to sharing my ideas and hearing yours.


There are many processes that work well online.  My area of expertise is list building and relationship marketing.


What's your area of interest?


If you consider yourself an expert in your field, share some of your tips with our other members.


If you are looking for solutions, post your questions and our group will help answer them.


Remember, there may be many others out there thinking the same question and not asking. 


Together we can help more.


I look forward to meeting and interacting with all of you.


Janet Legere
Tools To Life Graduate

(2003 and 2007)






Tue, Mar 18 04:19 PM

Home work - added: Tue, Mar 18 04:19 PM

Interesting group.  I have been working Online for over 12 years, selling health products, but two years ago I note a slow down in the US economy that affect my business. 

So actually In m thinking to move to another business such as TE or PTC. I would like to known your opinion. Since there are paople who are making a good income and others just are selling theirs scrips. 




Sat, Sep 08 11:00 AM

Interested in online business. - added: Sat, Sep 08 11:00 AM

Hi Janet, I came across your postiing, and I am interested in the field you are running and want to engage in online business, and I will appreciate if you can be of help; in which case I will like to know what is required as to get started. Kind regards.



Sat, Sep 03 10:06 AM

hello - added: Sat, Sep 03 10:06 AM

Greeting From Tina
How are you today? and how about your health? hope fine and you are doing well, My Name Is Miss Tina, I am looking for a very nice man of love, caring, honest, matured, understanding, and of good character, then after going to your profile on this site (toolstolife.com) i pick interest in you, so i will like you to write me with My E-mail address is ( tinababy_9t@yahoo.com ) so that i will send you my picture and tell you more about me
Miss Tina



Fri, Sep 10 06:11 AM

I'm in! - added: Fri, Sep 10 06:11 AM

Hi Janet,

I don't know if this group is still active.  I'm in the planning&skills-based learning stages of having an online coaching business that helps people to eliminate bad and habits and upgrade their current habits.




Fri, Feb 05 08:14 PM

Proud To be a Student Of Janet's! - added: Fri, Feb 05 08:14 PM

I just want to post here to recommend Janet Legere to anyone that is looking for help with there online business.  She really is an extraordinary teacher!


I have been involved with marketing online for the past few months due to a work related injury which has allowed me to start a new career at the young age of 56!  Janet introduced me to Tools when I first started working with her.  What a double blessing I have received... thanks Janet!


Anyway, if you are interested in working online you will not find a more honest hard working person to help you achieve your goals than Janet.


Best of success to you,  Doug Casady




Mon, Jan 25 09:32 AM

To become successful like you - added: Mon, Jan 25 09:32 AM

Hi Janet,

I am new to this Toolstolife.  I just started online marketing and I would like to have your suggestions and guides about becoming a successful like you.



Sun, Aug 09 07:28 PM

Validation - added: Sun, Aug 09 07:28 PM

Hi Janet,


My name is Ken Middlemiss.  I just completed lesson 61.


I think Tools to Life is a fantastic program.


In lesson 60 we were supposed to validate someone so I picked you.


We do have something in common--as I recall you mentioned you are with Shaklee.


I have been with the company about 4 years mostly as a customer but I am going to start working on the business.


I probably don't need your help but I did want to let you know you are a kindred spirit.


my E-mail:  middlemiss35@msn.com







Wed, Jan 28 12:19 AM

OK I have been UNEMPLOYED nearly 3 yrs. now...NEW HERE - added: Wed, Jan 28 12:19 AM

 SmileLet me first of all just say, I have been unemployed from a time punch, hourly job for 3 years now.

But I have been self-employed though AVON, Products for the past two years. But unfortunately with this economy out here in Modesto, CA. My customer's basically had to quit ordering. So that just left me in the lurch. Although before the down slide, I just a $1,000.00 from making the President's Club that they have.

So anyhow, the unemployment is REAL BAD out here, and in the BAY AREA of CA.

So when I just signed up for Tools To Life, I saw this and thought WOW, I have got to get into this group.

I do stay at home constantly now, and rarely get out. The internet, is my life for now at least, until this economy turns itself around.

If any of you's have REAL honest to goodness ideas or businessess making real true money, for we are just barely making it right now. Would you please let me know about it. I will need something that is low, to nothing to get up and started and that has it own website so I can get out there. Any suggestions....

Now let me put some of my info out there to introduce myself...

Hi there,

My name is Brenda, and am from California, basically known as the "Central Valley" located in Northern CA. My city is MODESTO, CA.

Other than that, I just completed my first DAY, whewhoo huh? But, I am proud of myself. I went and did my profile the very first day. Then came on tonight and did DAY 1.

Well, I am just going into the groups and putting this introduction out there.

Am hoping to find help myself, find some good groups, and make friends...

Take Care, God Bless, and Be Safe...Smile



Mon, Oct 13 08:48 AM

Finding new markets - added: Mon, Oct 13 08:48 AM

I am looking for new markets for software skills, local or via internet.


I am developing a portfolio website to show my applications in the hope that clients will find this website.


Websites or search engine with more focus when industry clients look for skills...based on tectalk4.blogvis.com background.



Helping Our Planet sounds great..I will be there.  I would like to connect with 3rd world businesses, offer free material-business-engineering services, offer mentoring based on my portfolio, my BLOGs....




Thu, Oct 09 03:44 PM

Hi from a new group member - added: Thu, Oct 09 03:44 PM



I don't happen to be in business right now but I would very much like to be. Not sure where or how to start. I am  hoping to get some insight from this group. 


Janet seems to really have it together. I  think she can probably teach me a few things. For starters, what exactly is "list building" and "relationship marketing"?


curious and willing - Lola




Thu, Jul 24 01:11 PM

New and Just Joined - added: Thu, Jul 24 01:11 PM

Hi there,


I am very interested in having a successful online business that provides me with enough Income for all my needs. The idea just excites me. Although I am very resourceful, and creative, I am not a workaholic, and do not agree with the belief that in order to be financially prosperous I have to be a workaholic, and spend all my living hours working on my business.


I also don't want to sell just anything, I want to use my natural gifts and talents in my online business to provide a good quality service that peolple want, and to make a good living at it.


There are so many offerings online at present with many different claims, and I am still searching for a genuine opportunity that is a perfect match for me and my personal profile. If any one has any helpful suggestions then I am all ears.


As I am having such a good time with TOOLS, I figured I could start by joining this support group.


So here I am.

Looking forward to learning and sharing.


Kind Regards





Wed, Jul 09 01:29 AM

net work marketing MLM - added: Wed, Jul 09 01:29 AM

Hello to all tool to life viewers.


This is Udai Singh From  Jaipur(Rajasthan) India.

I am Working in marketing field since past 10 years.

Presently I am running a marketing company as MLM on net working basis. Can visit my web site.www.jivanratan.com, contact e  mail as  udai30@hotmail.com  or +91-94601-43386.

thanks and always welcome



Sun, Jun 22 10:28 AM

Just New - added: Sun, Jun 22 10:28 AM

I think this group is just the right thing for me as my wife and I have just started a new venture . I am looking forward to reading all the blogs.



Tue, Feb 12 12:00 AM

Hi Hollye - added: Tue, Feb 12 12:00 AM

Sorry for my delay, Hollye,


We were away on a Cruise and just got home.  Still catching up :-)


Our personal business is all about helping our planet, getting healthy and empowering people.


I invite you to our online business presentation tonight.  You can register at http://www.helpingourplanet.com/register


The presentation is held online in our conference room.


All are invited to attend.


Let me know if you have any specific questions ok?




Janet Legere



Mon, Jan 28 12:00 AM

Oh, to be you Pt. II - added: Mon, Jan 28 12:00 AM

Okay, I'll try to not hit Enter too soon this time. 


I've never run a web-page and don't know how to deal with that end.  As much knowledge as I can gain there, would be totally helpful.


Also, I would love to see the actual site that you and your family are running.  If you have a program of your own, I would love to be a part of that.  I, also, adore the "relationships" feel like compassionate communication is the bottom line to everything.  So, twisting our perspectives to see everything as compassionate, is clearly a major key.


How can you help me?  And, how may I assist you in return?





Mon, Jan 28 12:00 AM

Oh, to be like you! - added: Mon, Jan 28 12:00 AM


Janet, I ran across your introduction posting and I am very excited about your success.  It is my dream to become an on-line coach as well.  I would absolutely relish any information you are willing to part with as to the ups & downs, and things for me to look out for.