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Started On: 10/28/09
Members: 8 members
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Last Activity: 2009-11-08 10:40:42
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KiWi.SnoW moderator: KiWi.SnoW

Need People To talk to PLZ

i Started this group so people could join so talk to me about things that are bugging them or anything they want to talk about.  iam an open and caring person looking for people to reach out to and talk!
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2010-01-02 16:57:08

Need help caring - added: 2010-01-02 16:57:08

I have recently discovered that I'm not yet ready to start working on creating habits because my challenge is getting motivated to perform the daily life activities. I simply don't care one way or another enough to make a change of mind to create the habit, so if anyone has any advice on that I'd gr »



2009-11-05 14:56:43

Friendship issue! - added: 2009-11-05 14:56:43

Hey everyone, I'm feeling really hurt and depressed over my situation with two friends which claim to be good friends when really they are not! I'm worried of not having friends, my life coach at my course I'm doing is amazing she told me off for saying this "I find it hard to make friends" of cours »



2009-10-31 11:48:38

swine flu - added: 2009-10-31 11:48:38

So. i just got outta the hospital this morning turns out iam one the lucky people that has swine flu or the h1n1 as some people call it. lets just say dont let it happen to you its the worst thing i ever experianced »



2009-10-28 03:39:24

Present pain made past - added: 2009-10-28 03:39:24

Let's see what I've got My cousin called and asked me to book her and her boyfriend a room at super 8 for 2 days as it was raining and they had nowhere to go, an no money till Monday, call was made on Friday so 3 days paid. And they were going to greyhound to Alberta. I had long distance disconnecte »