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Started On: 10/22/06
Last Activity: 11/04/06
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Danica Flyte created by: Danica Flyte

Here goes! About me... Danica

Well, I'll start the introductions off, and I hope I'm not the only one to do it! It's a little bit like dipping my toe into the ice-cold lake and then diving in, hoping that I'm not the ONLY one that will have done it in the end! As my profile shows, I'm 51 years old, and happily married to a cheerful husband who owns his own carpentry business. We have two slobbery, long-eared basset hounds that howl at the abundant white-tailed deer that wander through our back yard, but they are house-dogs so they don't chase them. I also have two cats that I've raised since they were six hours old, as the neighbors called me to rescue them. (I'm the neighborhood's amateur animal rescue and rehab person) I used to have a lot more pets, but I've scaled down to the traditional now, in an attempt to focus my life. My husband teases me about my love for computers, perhaps you could call it an "obsession," but I've worked in the computer world since graduating with computer training right after high school from our local technical college. That was way back in the days of "keypunching" and Cobol compilers and programs. I've keypunched and worked with programmers, done computer operating and worked with accountants and CPA's, and then typed Seymour Cray's Cray-1 Processor Manual for his Cray Research computer, on my little IBM Correcting Selectric typewriter. He hired me to work full time at Cray Research for him, and although I became administrative in nature, I was lucky enough that he sent me to the Customer Engineer classes where I learned to repair a Cray-1 supercomputer! (at the time! no longer, unfortunately!) Now, I work strictly with laptops, nothing "super" about them, I'm afraid, except for the price I had to pay when I bought them! :) I'm just beginning to learn about internet marketing, and have been hand-led to this site by my friend, Janet Legere, to whom I owe a great debt for that! I have a feeling that "Tools to Life" will truly change my life, as it has changed Janet's life. I am really excited about the possibilities of a NEW, IMPROVED ME at the end of this program, all due to my own sweat-equity! I can feel a difference already, by my willingness to yield to the program, as I go through the daily steps. Does anyone else feel a difference so soon? I'm very grateful to Devlyn for offering this opportunity to us, and for offering it to us at no charge! He is incredible! How many people are willing to do something as important as turn your life around and fix all of your life's problems and yet -- do it for free? I say again, Thank you Devlyn, and also thank you to Janet for bringing me here! I appreciate you both! :) (NOW, I want to meet all the REST of you guys!)




Sat, Nov 04 12:00 AM

About Me. - added: Sat, Nov 04 12:00 AM

Hallo there 'Soaring Partner', Danica.
mmmm... Let us see, I am 30 Years Old. Born and living in the U.A.E. (Dubai).
I am an Electronics Engineer and I have just finished my Masters in Quality Management.
I have had many bad days, but it only made me stronger. Yes, It is not easy to stand in front of storms but we are all the captains of our own ship!

The decisions we make and the words we say to ourselves lead us to the path we are walking on Now.
It is never too late to change, to meet 'YOU' the real you. How you ever stopped for a minute, and talk to yourself? Where are you heading? What are your goals?
Anyway, if you would like to know more about me, you are more than welcome to visit my personal website on:

To Your Unlimited Inner Success,

Erin Brochavich

  Erin Brochavich

Mon, Oct 30 12:00 AM

Hi, Danica! - added: Mon, Oct 30 12:00 AM

Our names rhyme! I'm Veronica! :D You sound like a people-person. What a great personality you have! It seems like you are very confident. I wish I was like that with big crowds. By big, I mean more than four people, lol. It would be great to meet everyone! This site is wonderful! Much peace, Veronica AKA Erin