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Join Now Support in Gaining Healthy Weight: "Fat wife, skinny husband"
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Started On: 12/16/09
Last Activity: 02/24/10
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beck created by: beck

"Fat wife, skinny husband"

  I am 28 years old and mom to three boys, the smallest is 10 months old and all are beautiful. I have a wonderful husband who has commited himself to a new and healthy lifestyle, leaving me in the dust. Jamie is 6 feet tall compared to my 5 feet, and the other day he grabbed my jeans, thinking they were his and went to put them on. I felt so embarressed when he looked down and realized that he had put on my pants, and that they were too big for him! Not wanting to make me feel bad, he didn't say anything, but none the less, I felt mortified. I feel like we're turning into those stereotypical cartoon characters...you know the fat wife, skinny husband one.

    It was actually him that encouraged me to join this site with him, in the hope that we could make some permanent changes together. I want to lose weight, not just for myself, but for my kids,  my husband, my sex life, for every part of my life!!!  I am going to start today, with your support and by making good choices. Thanks for your time!-Beck.





Wed, Feb 24 10:37 AM

ScubaDo222 I am so glad you joined - added: Wed, Feb 24 10:37 AM

Tools will be of great help to you. Most of all the people here will be so encouraging to you.


I know what you mean about the cartoon character. My husband and I fell into the that category from the first day. I was 4ft 10inches tall and weighed 333 pounds. He was 6 ft and weighed 220. He has loved me for me from the first time we met and I have loved him from the moment I set eyes on him. 


We were married in 2001 and my husband didn't want me to change a thing. It was my decision to change. In the last year I have lost 110 pounds and 41.5 inches. He still loves me. 


You can do it ScubaDo222 and I am here if you need me. 





Wed, Dec 30 12:48 PM

encouragement - added: Wed, Dec 30 12:48 PM


Good start in reaching out to others for some help.  Back in July I started working out and it was very slow going.  I wasn't losing a lot of lbs. but did go down 1 pants size (I was losing inches rather than lbs.).  I no longer have access to the gym I was going to and am worried that I will gain back the 18 lbs. it took 6 mo. to lose.  I feel so much better with the 18 lbs. gone but wan to lose about 30 more so I am in for the long hall.

It is comforting to hear that your husband is also trying to live a healthier lifestyle so that should be helpful to you as well.  Walking is highly recommended!!

Best of Luck to you in your start on a new look and new life!!