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Started On: 10/07/08
Last Activity: 10/07/08
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vmendi created by: vmendi


LOA works.  But you have to believe with all your being. 


It doesnt always work in the way that the movie portrays though.  And it does require other laws such as the law of accumilation.

for example, I want to be financially secure.  The law of attraction doesnt give me a billion dollars the next day. but it shows me little ways to make my financial situation better.  If I use the opportunity today then my finances are a little better tomorrow. then another opportunity presents itself. after a while I'll notice that money seems to snowball.   


I give then I get

I remain grateful, hopeful and enjoy everything around me. even all my bad habits have had blessing within them.

If I may suggest another group of videos that may help your understanding of just how incredible you are check out the following.

 this is how I've come to understand my place in the universe. I've listed it in the order in which I've attracted it and it was perfect for me.


The Secret

this was my introduction to the law of attraction.


What the Bleep Do We Know?

This movie scientificallyexplains how the law is real. (good for all people who need scientific proof, that the universe is not what we were taught it was) 


You Can Heal Your Life

this movie is excellent. especially for your soul.  also it gives the viewer an undeniable sense of power of the self.


The Moses Code

what our purpose is in the world.

I actually sat in awe, of the implecations of what this could mean for humanity.


anyway in a nutshell, this has been my experience with the whole LOA.  feb, 2007 is when I attracted it, I had nearly died(heart attack), My finances were in shambles. I was in my mid 30's going nowhere fast. Upset that I couldn't get a better job with all the education that I've had. stuck in small town america with little job opportunities around and blaming everyone else for my misfortunes. 

Luckily for me,  that man, did die, a year and six months ago.  I am now in a totally different life.  I have opportunities all around me.  money just seems to come around all the time though opportunities.  My relationships with people have been inspiring, especially those who are constantly negative.  They provide a window of what I dont want and I am able to see the problems they cause themselves just with their thoughts. 


so trust in your feelings and if it don't feel good dont do it. 


but always find ways to feel good