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Started On: 10/18/08
Last Activity: 10/18/08
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Liv2lov2laugh created by: Liv2lov2laugh

I ask ...

...and it happens.  That is where my question to you comes from.  Could you please help me to understand 'how' you ask? Perhaps my efforts are too scattered and need to be more focused on just one achievement at a time.  I have my dream board and Life Book in progress, I try to meditate daily...I definitely think positively...that had been a quality of mine for years.   I am grateful for what I have..my children 15 and 12, my health, an OK roof over our heads that is mostly furnished and food on the table most of the time.  Finances have been really really tight for the first 9 months of this year as 1/3 of my income was wrongly stopped and is just now back in place.  Honestly, we do need so much, more finances for groceries, clothes, reliable transportation..we use city bus for now and just recently are able to keep laundry done up at home instead of going out which we couldn't afford to do nearly as much as needed.  The debt from those months is going to be a problem for a while yet. Sorry for rambling...I would really appreciate some informed suggestions......

Blessed Be,