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Mon, Nov 08 12:11 AM

Job Satisfaction


I am having job satisfaction issues at work.  Hoping for some comments, insight or similar stories.


With my current job I would say overall I am pretty happy.  I like the person I work with everyday, I like the type of work I am given, I like my salary, and I love the education commitments my boss has agreed to with me.  But every time I fill out my stars in the personal assessment tool in the work performance section I second guess myself and get frustrated.  I really really want to give myself more stars in this section.


My coworker(s) often produce more "finished" product then I do.  I rationalize to myself that it takes a certain amount of time to do things properly and you can definitely see a huge gap in the quality of work between my work and theirs.  I always tell myself that I will refuse to go faster and deliver a crappy product but it really grinds my gears when they comment about me being behind them in "finished" product.  I dont want to blow up and berate them for a poor job because its not my style or job to do so.  I dont know how to effectively get across to them I dont appreciate their comments but I don't want to just take it anymore either.


I also have issues with my schedule.  I was completing the excuses exercise yesterday and the most apparent excuse I have is that I work too much and Im too tired to do "x".  I have had one day off since October 10th.  I work a 12 hour day normally and recently I have put in up to 18 hours in a day.  Alot contributing to this is that my boss seems completely incapable of scheduling and is taking on more work regardless of the fact that we still havent completed many jobs due to poor planning, weather issues, material delays, errors etc etc.  I also will take responsibility for some of this because I have allowed myself to stop caring as much and fall into traps my coworkers are in.  I feel defeated and dont step up to help provide answers or confront the issue with my boss because I feel as if my coworkers judge me based on my age rather then my abilities, knowledge and experience in my field.


Any comments are appreciated.  I know I didnt really outright ask questions but I think its understandable what Im hoping to know.  If not please ask me to clarify and Ill get back at ya!


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