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Daily Podcast October 1, 2008 "Your Money"

Daily Podcast October 1, 2008 "Your Money"

Devlyn Steele is joined today by Larry Winget New York Times Best Selling Author  of "You're Broke Because You Want To Be" to discuss the current economic situation in the United States and what we need to do as individuals.  It's time to take action so listen and get ready.


Mr Winget is talking at us not to us. He has tried very hard to put us fat, unemployed and broke down. Added insult to injury. I feel worse than I woke up this morning. I joined this website to improve and get better. Not to be judged. Mr Steele why did you choose Mr Winget? You must know him well. I am a new member looking for motivation and inspiration .I joined after listening to radio show.

Larry has a very hard edge, which is very different than the site itself.

But his intention is to inspire people to take responsibility and take acytion. Right now the best thing to do is decide where you are and take hold of yourself and get into action. The real point is not to be a victim or to point fingers. You can change anything in your life once you decide to. I have seeen countless people in tough places do just that once they decided to. I believe in you so do not get down. Let's create real change. On your side... Devlyn

although i live in Germany i think this applies to the whole world. We are all affected by the crisis. 



Live on your budget, don't loan money, get rid of credit cards, save as much as you can, ..


    Larrys advice sounds reasonable and i think i have heard the most of it already. Got me thinking and his hard-edge put me into action.

That is the problem, so many people in America don't want to be confronted, we want to be told what we are doing is ok, when in reality we are destroying ourselves.  Just like it may hurt a little to clean up a wound, it is for the benefit in the long run so that wound can heal up.  Sometimes honesty can be painful, but if it is, we probably need to hear it.