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Today is the prelaunch of the Personal Freedom Revolution (PFR).

We are starting with a video and a special Podcast with Jason Ellis and Devlyn Steele discussing Success, change, and answering questions.

Use today to clear your thoughts of 2009. Let go of all negative thoughts. Forgive yourself for any mistakes and accept where you are today as a starting ground to move forward.

Use the following State Out Loud affirmation:

Repeat three times out loud:

“I forgive myself and accept myself as I am.”

Now smile and get ready for creating new results and building the life you want in 2010.

Do not set any goals or resolutions at this time. Trust this process to lead you to creating goals built on a foundation of real intention to follow through and create the results you want.

The only resolution you should set: “I am committed to being my personal best.”

If you are committed to being your personal best, everything else will fall into place during this process. You will make better food, exercise, relationship, financial, career, drug, alcohol choices. All your choices will become better and the result will be positive new results.

Tomorrow when you wake up, “Smile” and know that you are on your way to an amazing new decade. Do not take on any huge changes. Do everything in moderation and follow the steps and guidance provided. During the PFR Challenge you will set commitments to the changes you want, but start January 1st without pressure and have faith.

You are about to learn how to achieve your goals without setting any goals.

Happy New Year!

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