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Being Our Personal Best Is Not That Easy

PFR Notes January 13, 2010

As simple as that sounds, being our personal best is not as easy as it sounds no matter how resolved we are to do so. We run up against many obstacles. One issue we have is that many of the choices we make are hardwired into our behavioral pattern. We make these choices without attaching conscious thought, but as an automatic response that we have been repeating over and over again. These automatic responses take effort to catch, slow down, and to start making different choices.

A voice in our head that is automatic and presents us with a choice is the voice that tells us, (1) It Doesn’t (won’t) make a difference, (2) We can make up for it.

When confronted with a choice, we tend to make the choices we always have made. These choices are not the choices that lead to our personal best. These choices involve eating poorly, skipping exercise, watching TV, over sleeping, over spending, drinking, smoking, bad attitudes and much much more.

The interesting point is that the very things that we do not think will make a difference are the exact areas of our life that we need to make a difference in. We often feel it won’t make a difference because we are so far behind in those areas, that a little bit more will not have an effect. The opposite is true as well, we set the goal so far ahead, that we do not see that what we do will have much effect.

The truth of the matter is, that the things we think do not make a difference are the exact areas of our life that of we did the opposite, would make all the difference. That is how we create better lives, by doing what makes a difference. Let’s also face the fact, that when we say, “I’ll make up for it later,” we never do.

Reach inside yourself and push through those choices and really try and be your personal best, it really makes a difference. That voice will question, “Does really doing the affirmations and grateful list make a difference?” Don’t let that voice in your head slow you down, start skipping days, not putting energy into this. If this is truly going to be a revolution, then you need to revolt against the pull that voice has on you, and start thinking what you do makes a difference. The more you revolt, the more of a difference you will make in your life, because you will truly begin moving in a direction of being your personal best.

You make a difference!

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