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Change Comes From Within

PFR Notes January 19, 2010

Today we listened to an Interview with Terry Moore. What an inspiration of change.

The biggest block to creating change, is ourselves. It is what we believe is or is not possible that defines our life and the choices and actions we take. When we started this journey together, I called it a revolution. I explained that it was not a revolution against any outside identity. I explained it was a revolution against ourselves. Against the thinking that created results in our life we did not want.

I discussed that if you really want to be free, freedom starts with how you are thinking. Break free of the prison you have created for yourself by thinking what you cannot do. You can truly change your life at any moment, but the change you are looking for comes from within. Be the change you want in your life.

I hope hearing Terry Moore’s story motivated you to dig inside yourself, to push further and believe. You can do this, you can create change. Do the affirmations with enthusiasm. Believe in you, dig inside yourself and push past your blocks and make choices that result in you being your best.

Day by day we are getting better. Don’t worry about the big picture, the actions you take today will add up to huge changes, take them every day.

You can create change, it is never too late.

Today is the first day of your life. How do you want to start writing that story?

It took a lot of courage for Terry to share, sharing is part of the healing process. If you are in PFR share in the comments, if you are not, share in the blogs, or do both.

I would like you to share one self limiting belief you have held on to and declare that you are letting it go. State one action you are going to take in the opposite direction that belief has driven you in.

By sharing a belief that has held you back that you are breaking free of, other people will say, I thought that too. Let’s follow Terry out of prison, no, not the prison he served time in. That prison was short term compared to the prison he lived in his mind. Today, he is living as a free man, not because he is out of prison, because he is free in his mind to pursue the life he wants.

I am excited to read your prison break stories…this is exciting stuff.

Start your comment with, “I am breaking out of the prison I have lived in by thinking _____________. I now believe I can _____________. I am taking the following one step _____________ in my new free world.

Share as long a prison break story as you want, we love escape movies. Let’s consider this “The Great Escape”

See you on the other side …

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