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Finding Your Voice

In order to create a connection between the affirmations and our behavior, we have to find our voice. Meaning we have to really get behind the affirmations and State Out Loud with conviction.

If you are truly going to do your personal best then you have to use the affirmations in a manner to reflect doing your best. You have to get enthusiastic.

Starting your day with, “I love my smile and it feels good.” creates a sense of excitement and a good feeling about yourself and your day.

Taking that energy and adding the affirmation of, “I resolve to do my personal best.” empowers us to make better choices.

The choices we make will lead to action to create positive changes which in turn will give us more to be grateful for. As we are more grateful we will have more to smile about and that will lead us to wanting to do our personal best.

Your life is a sum total of the choices you make. As you start to make better choices, you will start to see new results. I know that you want to get to creating all sorts of changes in your life. I also know that just stating affirmations might not seem like you getting in action to create those changes. I need you to be patient. The use of these affirmations will create the foundation that will lead to the results you want.

Today, your assignment is to continue and turn up the volume.

Really get enthusiastic and STATE OUT LOUD.

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