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Eliminating Goals

PFR Notes January 28, 2010

As we are coming down to the end of PFR, we want to take the power of being resolved to be our personal best and aim it at creating some results that we want to create in our life. For most of our lives, and as we have studied self help, we have learned to call our objectives “Goals.” When we started PFR we agreed to not set any goal, and now we are going to end with the elimination of goals. NO GOALS!

If you were sitting in a room with me, and I said, “Time for you to set a goal,” how would you feel? For most, hearing you have to set a goal causes a feeling of pressure. You get nervous and uptight. Setting goals does not bring a smile to your face, or, are you excited. It feels like you are a child in school and some mean teacher is about to give you homework.

What would be the first thoughts that cross your mind? You would wonder if you can actually follow through. You might have thoughts of doubt, thinking to yourself that you will probably fall short. Maybe you would think about giving it your best shot, but your expectations might not be too high. You might think, I always fail at goals. In the end, after many different types of thoughts, you would set the goal anyway because you feel it is a have to, not a want to.

A “Have to” is never fun, or does it give you energy to follow through. Now why does a person have all these negative association with goals? The reason we do not like goals and are always trying to learn a new way, or use a new guide/method to accomplish our goals, is because of the extreme failure rate we have had. Even people who are successful at goals have failed more times than they have succeeded.

In fact, we have failed at so many goal setting attempts, that when we fail again we don’t even feel bad. This way of thinking sets up a mental strategy to fail before we even attempt our goals. With that type of track record and mental approach as a starting place, I say, let’s eliminate goals. Let’s wipe the slate clean. Let’s adopt a new fresh mental approach. Let’s learn a way we can get excited again and really accomplish the objectives in our lives.

You are going to learn about commitments over the next few days. Get excited, your life is about to take on huge changes. You are about to apply the power of being your personal best to commitments you want to make, not have to make, and you are going to create new results in your life.

Get committed, we are committed to you!

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