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You Gotta Want it!

PFR Notes January 29, 2010

Most of the goals that you have set in your life, you started with thinking, “I have to do this.’ That was your first mistake … ha ha! As soon as you said that, you not only made the experience miserable, you aided the possible failure of the goal. As soon as you say, “I have to” you are now relying on “Will Power.” Will power breaks down and leaves you exposed to all the blocks we have been talking about. Those voices telling you to take a day off, that you deserve a treat/reward and everything else.

The have to never is fun and you are always looking for a way to get out of what you have to do. You need to learn to change the have to, to a want to. As soon as you want to create something you will be excited and you will put yourself really into it and enjoy the journey. No one enjoys a have to.

The concept of changing a have to, to a want to is as simple as the Power of Pause. As simple as these concepts are, they are not easy to own. When you own wanting to, you own getting the results. You own it because when you want to, you will do what you need to achieve your desires. Not only will you do what you need to, you will keep doing it, why, because you want to.

Before we make a commitment, we will really decide what it is we really want. No, not the end results want. Sure, we all want more money, and other things and results. That is obvious, the questions is, do you want the actions that go along with creating those wants. You need to want both, because you don’t get one without the other, and I think that is what causes the confusion for so many. We say, of course I want x, y, or z. What you never thought about is, do you want the actions to create them?

You gotta want it, and you’ve got to want it from start to finish!

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