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Happy New Now!

Today’s Personal Freedom Revolution (PFR) Notes for 01/04/10

You might have noticed by now that I have been saying “Happy New Now” a lot?

What could be more true, every moment is a new now and either you are happy in that moment or not. If I could wish anything for you, it would be that each new now you find yourself in, you could be happy in that moment.

I asked you not to make New Year Resolutions. All too often, as we make New Year Resolutions, which in turn are really just another name for goals, we think to ourselves this thought, “When I achieve this, I will be happy.” As soon as we say that, what we are telling ourselves is that we should not be happy now. In fact, we are telling ourselves that because we are not at a certain place in life, weight, career, relationship or other, that we in fact don’t deserve to be happy. We then become our own punishers for not having certain success.

Guess what? This makes us not only unhappy now, it makes us feel bad about ourselves. What happens when we feel unhappy and bad about ourselves? Well two things, one is that we go towards the behavior that we feel we need to correct. We will eat the wrong food, spend money, have a bad attitude, drink, do drugs and whatever else is bad for us. Feeling bad about ourselves promotes negative behavior. Then on top of feeling bad, not allowing ourselves to be happy steals any motivation to stick with the behavior to create our goals.

Do you want to insure that you do not achieve your goals? Then feel bad about yourself and refuse to allow yourself to be happy. You see, all your life you pursued your goals on the wrong foundation. All these goal setting books and courses on methods of achieving goals are pointless if built on the wrong foundation. You can know how to build a building, but that does not ensure that a building can be built if you do not first study the ground on which you are planning to build. It is not all about methods and procedures. Besides there is a huge lie about goals that I will be telling you soon that will shake up many of the principles you were ever taught, if I have not already done a little bit of that.

Before we can start on what your goals/resolutions are, we need to build that foundation. You need to continue with the affirmations and allow yourself to be happy NOW! When you wake up with a smile and enjoying your smile, besides promoting self love, you are also promoting being happy. When you are resolved about doing your personal best, you feel better about you today, and then you feel happier today. When you become and are grateful for your life today, you then can allow yourself to experience happiness as you are.

State Out Loud 3 times;

“I love myself as I am, and I am getting better every day.”

Continue with the affirmations, and don’t be in such a rush. We are only on day 4 and you are already wondering what is next and what are we going to be doing? You want change now. Change is coming as we build a better foundation, then our change can last a life time. Have some trust and faith, and let’s really make this an amazing year of creating a better future while being Happy Now!

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