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Should you write your goals down?

Today’s Personal Freedom Revolution (PFR) Notes for 01/05/10

According to most experts you should write down your goals. In fact, if you read enough goal setting self help books, listen to audio programs, or go to seminars, you will be told that you should, and you will run across a study that was done in 1953 at Yale University which shows why.

The story goes like this, researches asked the 1953 graduating class of Yale who had written goals. Only 3% of the class did. Then researchers came back 20 years later to discover that the 3% who had written goals were worth more than the other 97% percent of the class combined. Pretty cool stuff! Too bad it never happened! You can call Yale or any of the graduating class of 1953 and they will tell you no study was done. You can call the experts whose site this study is published and they cannot produce any documentation.

Tell the man who is listed as the 46th richest person in the world, Forrest Mars, Jr. that he had to write his goals down to be successful. Well not only did he not write his goals down, he listed in his graduating yearbook for employment possibilities as “no.” What year book? That’s right, he was part of the 1953 graduating class of Yale. The list of extremely wealthy people from that class that never wrote their goals down is very impressive.

Self help gurus have used this non existing study as a reason why you should write your goals down to create success. So do you really need to write your goals down? When an individual is committed and driven towards a goal, writing it down is not needed, and if a person is not driven and committed, writing it down will not all of a sudden create the behavior needed to achieve that goal.

What we need to do always, is create the thought process that will lead to the commitment and then to the behavior, to get into action, to stay motivated and to create success. We are building that foundation day by day with the affirmations. We are learning a new way to think about goals and about ourselves and the power of each day. Keep building this foundation. Keep using the affirmation and the grateful list. Keep building the foundation to really create the results you want in your life.

When the foundation is there, we will in fact write down something down, but not goals, instead we will write down commitments. When we are committed, we will follow through. We will write our commitments down as a way of keeping track of our progress and developing a stronger and stronger foundation. One day, you will just be able to set your sight on a goal, get committed and get going.

Right now, keep going with your affirmations and grateful list and stay patient. This is the year you create success. This is the year you are revolting against what you have done before and what you have learned before. This is the year of your freedom, the Personal Freedom Revolution!

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