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The Power of Not Thinking Positive

Today’s Personal Freedom Revolution (PFR) Notes for 01/06/10

Imagine creating the life changes you want with no big goals, no goals at all, not even writing a goal down, and not having to be positive, is that possible? After all, everything you ever studied before about creating change required you to think big, write your goals down, and use the power of positive thinking. Well, if you want to read another book on the “Power of Positive Thinking,” I am sure if you google it you can find countless books and articles on the subject. Basically, what you will learn is that positive thinking creates positive results.

I love magic, and I love when we can create change with such easy answers because it feels like magic. All I have to do is think positive and abracadabra my life will change. Oh no, wait, I feel a non-positive thought sneaking into my head. Hold on, positive results don’t disappear, I won’t let it happen again. I can do this … think positive, think positive, think positive. A relative just got diagnosed with cancer, think positive, my neighbor’s son has been reported missing in action … think positive, think positive, my bank did not accept re-assessing my mortgage, we will have to move, think positive. There most be something wrong with me, I can’t seem to think positive all the time. It is my fault that I am not creating the amazing changes I was told I could. If only I could think positive all the time.

You do not need to think positive to create amazing changes in your life. Life is both good and bad and we will face both all the time. We are under no obligation to think positive all the time. Let me tell you about the power of not thinking positive, it’s huge and it is real. Think what you want, positive or negative and it is okay. However, no matter what you are thinking in the moment, dealing with life’s realities, always have a positive outlook. Always believe that what you do today matters. Never give up believing that things can get better. That way no matter what you are feeling, and feelings are real, you always believe that what you do makes a difference.

Since what you do makes a difference, what you feel is not the driving force of your behavior and the actions you take. Develop an attitude that it is okay to feel the way I do, but regardless of how I feel, I control my actions. How I feel is not in charge of my behavior. “I resolve to be my personal best” regardless of how I feel. I make choices that lead to positive results always. How I feel is not a license to drink, do drugs, have a bad attitude, treat people badly, sleep, eat, not go to work and any other negative behaviors.

You don’t always have to feel positive to act in a positive manner. Sure, I hope that most of your time you feel positive and are thinking positive, but it is unrealistic to believe that is how life will be at all times. Once you own your behavior regardless of how you are feeling or thinking, then you can always act in a way that is leading to creating positive results. Then you are powerful in all situations, then you own you. Keep a positive outlook and remain powerful regardless of how you feel. How you feel is how you feel, how you act is always up to you!

Stick with your affirmation routine, it is the building blocks to the foundation of creating the power within you to create the life changes you want. Remember, this is a “Revolution,” we are not doing what we always have done. Do what you always have done and you get what you always have gotten. It is time for a shift in thinking, a Revolution. Become free of what you thought you had to do, the Personal Freedom Revolution.

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