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Get Attracted

Today’s Personal Freedom Revolution (PFR) Notes for 01/07/10

When you are attracted, you are pulled in the direction of your desires. Attraction is a powerful force. Wars have been fought over attraction and desire. We all remember Helen of Troy and a Trojan Prince named Paris, who had to have her. Nothing would stop him, even putting his nation at war. When you are attracted, it is like a magnetic force pulling you towards your desire. You feel like you cannot live without it and you will stop at nothing to have it.

Think about that pair of shoes you found so desirable, that car, the new phone, or tech gadget, that you just had to have. Trust me, even though these are inanimate objects, you are attracted to them. You did whatever it took to obtain those objects, the objects of your desires/attractions. Your desire reaches a primal level where the brain takes over and motivates you to go in that direction without effort or deliberation. When you are attracted you get going.

Suppose you were attracted on a deep level to creating the life changes you wanted. If your desire was that deep, you would not be thinking about what you need to do to create the results you want, you would be doing it. Attraction requires little thought, and moving in the direction of our attractions does not feel like work, it has its own energy.

When we are attracted to someone else’s body and we desire them, we will spend endless hours on the phone, on the computer, dating, talking, and more to follow our attraction. Imagine if we were attracted to having the body we claim we want? If we were attracted, working out, eating right and courting the body we are attracted to having would be effortless. Is your desire that deep for the changes you want to create?

Let’s not take a passive role in our lives by developing a practice of trying to figure out how to attract the changes we want to come to us. Instead, get what you want without attracting it, but by being attracted to it. Attraction is a powerful force that can lead us in the direction of the changes we want.

No Big Goals.
No Writing Goals.
No Goals at All.
No Positive Thinking.
No Law of Attraction.

Keep using the affirmations.
You should really be loving and enjoying your smile by now.
You should be making better choices as you are resolved to be your personal best.
You should be energized by living a life of gratitude.

Feel the attraction building in you, we will point that energy at creating success without starting any wars.

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