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Birth Date: Wed, Dec 26 1979

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Thu, Apr 19 08:48 PM



Working the course and today was about goals. Redefinition of goals. I like this chapter. Coach hit it on the head, I get bummed out when I look at the big picture and end result. I get scared and back off. So many things in my life are like this. In the past I would be totally in to something and want the end result but not want to put in the work simply because I weighed the rewards vs. the work put in and it  didnt add up to me.  Sometimes those were good choices, but on some of these choices it affected my overall position in life and where I am today. Was I lazy? Yes in some respects... Was I smart about where to focus my efforts? sometimes, but not always.

When I started and I said I wanted to relearn some things I learned the wrong way, or learn things I didnt get to.... This is the begining of that. It took me until today to see that.


In my past I've had people tell me many pieces of advice, but I only followed them after I hit the wall two or three times. I would take the advice at face value and keep going my own way. Finally I would wake up and it would hit me, I'd hear that familiar voice and the knowledege in the phrase would hit home. I'd learned, but I learned it later.  This chapter is one of those moments. People in the past had told me to break it down to small goals, some even told me symbolically. But I didnt really begin to grasp it until today.

 I have to make it stick now... I'm only 32 there's alot left in life to accomplish and I can do it! One small goal at a time!

 Now, to shower, shave and get ready for work! LOL!

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