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Birth Date: Tue, Jun 17 1986

Place of residence:
Maywood IL, United States (map)

I am: In Relationship



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I s to just be happy!!!
Lose weight and look great!!!
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Hello Everyone my name is Kheiyah. I am 23 years old and I have a 2 yr old daughter. I currently live at home with my mother and I really hate that a lot. I have lived on my own before but for numerous reasons I am back here. Right now as we speak I am fasting trying to lose weight. so i guess you may know that I have a weight problem. I really do not like what i see in the mirror externally and internally so I'm doing something about it. I am about to start working out with a trainer this week so I feel a lot better. I am in a relationship and we have been together for about 2 1/2 years now...it's rocky a lot of the time and that's why I'm on here trying to get myself together so i can help aid in the relationship..it's not just for him it's for me and my daughter as well. 

I have a lot of talents but not really sure what it is that i should really work on the most....it's very hard to find one thing and stick to it. Currently i have a business teaching people how to cook vegan food and i like that but i really want to sing and play the piano as my ultimate money maker... I love people and I love to laugh. If I could i would put a smile on the worlds face everyday. I feel great when I'm happy. I am a Gemini so just as happy as I can get that's just as mad that I can get too. I'm really sensitive and I front quite a bit about my true feelings...so i guess you can say, in the words of Beyonce "I have a Big Ego".

That's me in a nutshell anything else you can just ask!!!      

I joined TOOLS because:
 I want to grow and mature in all areas of my life!!!
You are offered your dream job. What job is it?:
 Professional Singer and Performer
My favorite wild animal is:
Why (describe as much as possible):
 They are beautiful and I love cats and they have stripes. They are aggressive but they are gentle. They are swift, athletic, and they are adored by a lot of people. And it's also my Chinese Animal on their zodiac calendar
My favorite domestic animal is (if you choose dog be specific with breed etc):
 Always in it's habitat...life seems really easy and laid back. I want to learn how to swim and not a lot of maintenance to take care of them!
A famous Chef will prepare anything you want. What do you order:
 Something Vegan...really anything
 well i love vegan food and that's how my diet is anyway so why not have someone else cook it?!!
Five people either dead or alive you would have at your fantasy dinner party::
 My BF Daughter My Father Mother Brother
 They are my family and I love all of them in different ways and I want them all to get along
If a pilot would fly you anywhere you want, you would go to:
 Africa...israel to be specific
My perfect slice of pizza is:
 the whole pizza
You are at a bar. You order this drink:
 amaretto sour
You are at a coffee shop. What coffee or tea do you order:
 I love cold coffee like lattes
If a genie could grant you three wishes they would be (separate by commas):
 Have the body that I want Live forever Everything in the world was righteous
You are going on a long road trip and you can only bring three CD's. Which ones do you bring (separate by commas):
 and Sade Best hits mix Got to have Micheal Jackson's Best Hits and since i have an mp3 cd player all my fav. songs on the mp3 CD
If I could do anything for my neighborhood today, it would be:
 Cut their high scary grass
A sunset I remember:
 Wow I really cant remember a sunset
Any character I could be from a movie, TV show or book would be:
 Barb from my favorite show Big Love on HBO
 She's so strong!!!