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Birth Date: Mon, Apr 25 1983

Place of residence:
Calgary Alberta, Canada (map)

I am: In Relationship

Schools: UOIT

Jobs: Mechanical Design engineer

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Member Since: 09/29/09
Last Login: 11/05/09
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Program Progress: Day 19
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My name is Chris, and I'm and mechanical designer with a pressure vessel manufacture in Calgary Alberta. I enjoy the outdoors, which would include mountain biking and snowboarding. I live here with my fiancee Amanda and we have a 4 year old American Staffordshire Terrier, who's name is Roxy. 

I joined TOOLS because:
 I feel that the lessons learned could be beneficial in achieving my goals.
You are offered your dream job. What job is it?:
 Mountain Bike Designer
My favorite wild animal is:
Why (describe as much as possible):
 Its an elusive animal, rarely seen in the wild, but it is also the largest wild cat in north America. It has been able to adapt to all climates, as they can be found from Peru to Alaska.
My favorite domestic animal is (if you choose dog be specific with breed etc):
 I love my American Stafordshire Terrier.
 Her personality is unlike any other dog I have ever come into contact with. She makes me laugh constantly, and brightens my day when I'm upset.
A famous Chef will prepare anything you want. What do you order:
 Lobster and sirloin steak
 You get the best of land meat as well as sea meat.
Five people either dead or alive you would have at your fantasy dinner party::
 Amanda (fiancee), brother, dad, mom, step mom.
 I live 4000 kilometers away form my family, who lives in and around Toronto Ontario. I dont get to see them very often, so that would be my dinner party.
If a pilot would fly you anywhere you want, you would go to:
 Bora Bora
My perfect slice of pizza is:
You are at a bar. You order this drink:
 pint of Guinness
You are at a coffee shop. What coffee or tea do you order:
 Large Americano with milk
If a genie could grant you three wishes they would be (separate by commas):
 The ability to fly, 10 Million Canadian Dollars, Healthy Kids
You are going on a long road trip and you can only bring three CD's. Which ones do you bring (separate by commas):
 Best of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Deja Entendu by Brand New, The best of Alkaline Trio
If I could do anything for my neighborhood today, it would be:
 Clean up some trash
A sunset I remember:
 Driving to Ottawa or Montreal on the Friday or a long weekend in , the sun was setting behind us. It was all i could see out the rear window and was a beautiful orange colour.
Any character I could be from a movie, TV show or book would be:
 Not to be a superhero or anything like that, I think it would be amazing to have the ability to fly.