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Birth Date: Fri, Oct 12 1979

Place of residence:
vancouver bc, Canada (map)

I am: In Relationship

Schools: okm, ouc

Jobs: sales

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Member Since: 08/26/09
Last Login: 10/05/09
Viewed: 1817
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Program Progress: Day 2
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well im joe,


i am trying to get my own buisness off the ground, just moved to a new city and live with my girlfriend.

I joined TOOLS because:
 believe it or not..... JASON ELLIS, if he can pull it together.....
You are offered your dream job. What job is it?:
 car design and engineering
My favorite wild animal is:
Why (describe as much as possible):
 sleek sexy and deadly
My favorite domestic animal is (if you choose dog be specific with breed etc):
 cat, im allergic to dogs, but love them too. we have 2 cats zeuss and coco, rescued zeuss from spca and got coco from my sister. i relate to zeuss he's a bit of a scrapper and very agile and smart
 cats are very nimble, great hunters and very indipendent.
A famous Chef will prepare anything you want. What do you order:
 my moms pasta al forno, with her mustard rabbit, fennel and orange salad, and some tiramisu and gelato.
 because mom's food is the best lol
Five people either dead or alive you would have at your fantasy dinner party::
 enzo ferrari, pininfarina, the original porche(cant remember his name),metallica.
 i would love to talk to them and learn how they overcame all the difficulties in their respective fields
If a pilot would fly you anywhere you want, you would go to:
My perfect slice of pizza is:
You are at a bar. You order this drink:
 crown and coke short on the rocks
You are at a coffee shop. What coffee or tea do you order:
 double shot macchiato
If a genie could grant you three wishes they would be (separate by commas):
 health for my family and loved ones, a fortune, and some form of peace in this world
You are going on a long road trip and you can only bring three CD's. Which ones do you bring (separate by commas):
 sublime 40 oz to freedom. metallica box set, wutang 36 chambers
If I could do anything for my neighborhood today, it would be:
 dont know my neighbours just moved lol.
A sunset I remember:
 on the beach in sicily with my girlfriend
Any character I could be from a movie, TV show or book would be:
 tony stark, ironman
 fame, power, fortune, tech, but is still very human