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From the Memorial Garden



cheer it


Sun, Jan 06 12:00 AM

From the Memorial Garden


To my Step Dad who passed away in January 1986: We lost you many years ago and yet your memory is still vivid with us. I still feel loved by you; I still feel how proud you are of me; I still feel your protective light. I wish you could know how well you loved us; what a fine man you were and how often we tell stories,  laugh and admire you. I miss you terribly sometimes. I'll be over to the cemetery in a couple of days and talk with you some more. Or talk to myself. Or both.


It's amazing though to me, how even in death, long after death, perhaps forever, we shield and uplift the people we have loved. Thank you so much for that.


In remembering those who have passed, do we shield and uplift them? It seems a good thing, to know we will be remembered. Though, I wish you were not gone, at all. I'll try to do something extra good today; extra smart or extra loving, in your name.


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Thinking of you today as you remember

I do shield and uplift my parents as well.  They were the most important people in my life - for better or for worse.  We only have a few people like that in our lives - that were there in the minutia of daily life.


I don't go the the grave site anymore - it is hours away so it would be a special trip. But that doesn;t mean I don't reflect in moments that come out of nowhere.


 I remember going to the cemetary 15 years ago and couldn't find the stones!  I picked out the space.....it was near a tree up on a hill....I felt they would like what I had picked out.......I felt like such a bad daughter!  I left in tears.  I found out after the death of another relative (buried close by) that I was in the wrong cemetary!  There are two adjacent to each other that look like one....I went in the wrong drive way!   


Death is one of those things I can't wrap my mind around.  They are here, then they aren't. And there is a gap.....the space that they occupied.  It was theirs.  Who fills it now?  I've aready talked about their things.....Loss can be deep and deeply felt....even after 20+ years. 


I hope you still feel the love from your step dad for years to come.  That is a nice thing to know - that you still feel that connection.  And you did do something nice for me today with your e-mail.  You are a treasure Wordbird! 


This is a beautiful prayer to your father.  I feel so lucky to have both of my parents, particularly my mother, who is a wise and shielding person...

Remembering brings a smile

I'll be thinking of you today as you remember and smile at those memories. Those memories lift us up and carry us on to be better than we would have been without them.


My dad died in January also, 20 years ago at age 66. I remember thinking at the time about all the things he had done for me and the unconditional love he gave my brother and me.  



thank you!

Thanks for your lovely thoughts and sharing. Makes me smile. Smile