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Birth Date: Thu, Jul 25 1957

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Day 12...No Complaints...?



cheer it


Sat, Oct 02 10:23 PM

Day 12...No Complaints...?


Okay, so here I am at day 12 and it's all about " Complaining "

Kind of ironic considering what I wrote here just two days earliar. I'm writing this around six in the evening on my back deck after a pretty fruitful Saturday. I had my eyes examined this morning and got my haircut for my new job interview on Monday, and it's really amazing just what a simple act such as having your haircut can do for you...a small change in how I look has actually effected a different perspective in how I feel about myself and my present life...I understand that not everything is perfect, but I really have no complaints about it all...just a better attitude as I hopefully am fast approaching a new and better tomorrow with the simple act of a proposed job change.

Of course spending time alone with my better half has me in a decent mood also, as I've come to appreciate her much more over the past few years since my diagnosis of Churg Strause Syndrome.

A new place to start again while I continue my real purpose of becoming a sought after speaker for Vasculitis Awareness! :)

Well time to go inside and watch some saved tv shows together and share some coffee a bit later.

See everyone sometime tomorrow!

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