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Join Now My New Goal; Just becoming a better writer one day at a time. by animekid
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Birth Date: Thu, Jul 25 1957

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Middletown NY, United States (map)

I am: Married

Schools: Middletown High

Jobs: Purchasing agent,compounder,material handler,trainer,advocate; Currently unemployed and trying to become a full time free lance writer

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My New Goal; Just becoming a better writer one day



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Mon, Mar 28 07:54 PM

My New Goal; Just becoming a better writer one day at a time.


It may seem like this goal is kind of a "well Duh!" sort of goal, but in actuality...it really is not as simple as you may think.

Coming to the table I do not bring a college background in Journalism or a scholar's grasp of the English language to the table. What I am bringing to the table is a strong desire to hone my craft, so my basic goal with my writing at the moment is to rise just one level at the place where I currently am writing...this will enable me to take on better articles for better pay, thus enabling me to earn a better income and not have to resort to trying to find just "another factory" job, that will eventually kill me while earning someone else the lion's share of profits off of my labor. Later this evening I will start this progam over again as a sort of re-birth, and this time I will complete it, and in so doing also follow through with this one simple goal of becoming a full time free lance writer. ( and...yes, I actually had to re-write this post three times before I finally was satisified with it! )


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