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Birth Date: Mon, Feb 15 1982

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Calgary Alberta, Canada (map)

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Schools: Athabasca University


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To just be happy with myself.
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says: my divorce was final October 15, of this year. For me, it was the opposite...he worked very hard, worked overtime whenever he could, and took any side job he could. But, I wasn't happy, he treated me great, but that still didn't make up the the feelings I was missing. This is the time in your life that you need and deserve to be selfish, you deserve to be happy, and content. Leaving your husband may be the hardest thing you ever have to do in life, regardless of what he does, or DOESN"T do...but it what you want is to be happy, to loose the stress, to move on with your life and find the one that can complete you, then yes, you should leave. It doesn't matter who is and who isn't on your side...it might make it easier for you to leave since everyone agrees with you, but what needs to be done...needs to be done. My parents were angry with me, upset with my choice and confused. I believe in love, once I made my choice, and explaned myself to those that mattered...people understood...but I did make my choice for me, nobody else...and thats what you need to do! hope this helps...let me know if you want to talk, not that i am an expert, but all the feelings, emotions and thought are fresh...if nothing else, I can listen!

says: I take this personally, because I have always had a very good work ethic, but earlier this year I was laid off for the first time in my life.  My girlfriend treated me like I was a total bum for the few months that I was out of work.  I was looking and applying, but jobs don't just come overnight.  Your husband makes me sick to think that I was actually compared to a person like that.  You should absolutely leave him.  95% of the men on this planet are of a higher quality than him.

says: Thanks again everyone! All of you have reminded me that I have the strength to make the right decision for myself. Sometimes doing what is right may hurt but that is no excuse for taking the easier path.

says: u should leave him or tell him to get off duff and find a job .


You deserve to take care of you and have the kind of life that you want.


I wish you all the courage, determination and strength that you need to see this through.


Remember; you deserve the best, you are special and unique. You are priceless and be treated as such.

says: Thanks a bunch! It helps to have some reassurance that I am not asking for too much from life.


I think you should leave him, even if you love him, he prevent you to live a life that you deserve. 

Good luck!