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Join Now Things that go "bump" in the night... by DrDebbie
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Birth Date: Mon, Sep 07

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Peoria Arizona, United States (map)

I am: Single & Not Dating

Schools: Colorado State University, University of Colorado, Western States Chiropractic College

Jobs: Ultimate Wellness Coach, Yuen Practitioner, EFT Facilitator, Chiropractor, Author

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I travel to various countries and give away my healing work
I speak Spanish
I perform with a theatre group
I help build homes for people in need all over the world
I empower people all over the world with my touch, my words and my energy
I have extraordinary peace & ease in my life.
I am a writer
I teach others how to fine tune their intuition.
I create greeting cards with my words and my photography/art
I create visualization audios and videos
I am an internet resource, teacher, mentor and leader.
I have extraordinary friendships
I have friends all over the world who I travel and spend time with
I am love...I teach love...I attract love...love radiates from every cell of my being
I am the Queen of outrageous parties and gatherings in my home
I have a greenhouse where I grow organic vegetables and beautiful flowers
My living space is peaceful and beautiful...creating lots of space for creation, connection and love.
I take private art lessons
I take private voice lessons
I work 10 hours or less per week
I am a philanthropist
Everyday is a brand new day of play that brings me joy
I am choosing to listen to a new radio station of Life...I choose to believe I am of value...
I am committed to experiencing a great relationship with myself full of love, adventure and play
My resting heart rate is 65
My body is fine tuned for love, Life, adventure, happiness, laughter and longevity
I am open minded and full hearted to the beliefs of all people...I embrace who they are.
I am a Master at defining and attracting exactly what I want in Life
I am a Master Certified Yuen Practitioner
I peacefully, mindfully and playfully focus on the present moment while my mind easily receives insights, ideas and creations
I have a deep sense of peace and knowingness of my purpose and how it plays into the moment
I am a Powerful Outrageous Playful Sexy Woman
I travel with Mom yearly
I take private ski lessons
I travel to Dallas and New York to buy clothes
I create a digital file of pictures from my Mom's 17 siblings and their families.
I travel to Bali
I attend workshops at Esalen Institute yearly
My intimate relationship enhances both of our lives 10 fold
I own a new red Ford Mustang
I have a beautiful comfortable home office completely furnished with the highest tech equipment for me to run a great virtual business
I have a personal chef who cooks my favorite meals and assists me with entertaining my friends and family
I have a house cleaning service
My eyes have uncorrected 20/20 vision
I have a sound proof home theatre with a great sound system and lots of seating to share with friends and family
I have a sacred peaceful beautiful meditation/contemplative room in my home
I have a sunken bathrub with water jets...comfortable seating for 2
I have water filtration system throughout my home
I sing kareoke
I have an ultralite ultrasmall laptop computer
I have a private art studio my home
I have a professional sound recording studio in my home
I attend Anthony Robbin's seminars in Figi
I have a high quality built in sound system throughout my house
I learn healing work from healers all over the world...observe their culture and do healing work on the people in the villages
I travel to somewhere warm and/or tropical every winter
I sold my chiropractic practice
I create yearly $2500 grants at several colleges for non-traditional aged students who are single women
I completed my "Prosperity NOW" program and I sold my first product/service.
I completed my "50 Fit Fabulous & Free" program and I sold my first product/service
I completed my "Vital Vibrant YOU" program and I sold my first product/service
I hosted my first teleconference call with 50+ people
I created an audio library of 30+ downloadable MP3s that others can benefit from.
I am surrounded by loving, empowering life enhancing relationships
I create love and abundance everywhere I am
I travel wherever and whenever I want.


Things that go "bump" in the night...



cheer it


Fri, Jun 29 12:00 AM

Things that go "bump" in the night...




Last night I could hear and feel the growling...I had heard the growling before, but it has been months ago now...what is that?


Not only did I hear the growling, but there was this automatic habit to walk to the kitchen each time it woke me up.


Before cleaning my eating program up I had been feeding myself so frequently, so much and the hard to digest foods that I never heard my stomach growl...and I actually love the sound because I know my system is actually emptying and gets some time to rest also.


From December, 2007 and right up to June 25th, Monday I was also grazing all night long...frequently eating right before falling asleep.


Well, the absolutely great news is that I was aware of the old pattern to go to the kitchen when the urges would pop up and I just went back to sleep...YEAH!


I also have a backup plan in case it does get overwhelming...1/4 of a protein drink should do it...only if I have tried everything else.


Sweet dreams to all of you...


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Good for you!

Great job on this awareness. You are doing awesome. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Thanks for inspiring us all.


Best always,


Tummy Not Stuffed but Grrrrrrr

You can do it, keep going! You can do it, keep going!

I know what you mean about those signs from the body it's on track. Those ah...somewhat unfamiliar sounds!Laughing

You may not realize this has a good mystery thriller opening...you hear growling, again, it wakes you up, you go to the kitchen...I'm thinking, "Is it a dog outside?" A coyote? A...stomach??!!!