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Birth Date: Fri, Mar 27 1981

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Denver CO, United States (map)

I am: Single & Dating

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Jobs: Denver International Airport - Planning & Development

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Get'r Done



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Mon, Jan 11 12:05 PM

Get'r Done


This was a very productive weekend.  I've completed step one of the kitchen remodel, which was to lay new porcelain tile, replacing the cheap 80's vinyl flooring.  The kitchen already looks 500% better!  It has motivated me to continue the upgrade, as I move onto base trim, shelving, and paint in the upcoming weeks.


My girlfriend and I have developed an effective partnership through remodeling both her house and mine.  On Saturday she was running the wet saw, while I measured and marked up tiles for her to cut.  We got the job done quickly and efficiently, just like at a proper construction site.  I even joked that we should go into business, and call ourselves 'The Bickerson's Contracting.'  I laughed at that one.  She thinks we should finish our own work before we get into business. I can agree with that.


I was also able to get back out on my road bike after about a two month hiatus yesterday.  January in Denver is known for random days of bright sun and 50 degree temps.  I always enjoy getting out and going for a ride around the city.  I took my new camera, and as I'm learning about its functions, I took a lot of photos of the sites around Denver.   I'm sharing them here if you are interesting in seeing them.


Life is good. 


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Photos man..Keep them coming. Always good to see.. I love photography as well, this is inspiring me to hit different locations at shoot. 


Terrific photos! I also love photography and I think that it truly helps you see the beauty all around you.  It's amazing how pics that you never had high hopes for can change your outlook on anything.