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Birth Date: Thu, Jul 19 1979

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2009-08-27 16:46:03




Welcome, adding your story to your profile will let us know more about you. Glad you are here. Big Boost...Devlyn

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I joined TOOLS because:
 I heard about it on the Jason Ellis Show
You are offered your dream job. What job is it?:
 Thats difficult, I have alot of dreams, all sort of smashed together. I would like to make video games
My favorite wild animal is:
 Polar Bear
Why (describe as much as possible):
 I've always thought they were cute. I guess thats the main reason, because it's been my favorite since as long as I can remember.
My favorite domestic animal is (if you choose dog be specific with breed etc):
 Deffinately a dog, but as for breed? I have a few that I like, I loved my dalmation, though he was quite high maintenance, so probablly now I would choose a cavalier king charles spanial
 Because my girlfriends mom has one, and I love him
A famous Chef will prepare anything you want. What do you order:
 wow...hmmm, some sort of asian dish, with seafood. I'd let the famous chef go crazy though, they would no better than I, and I'd rather try something new and great.
 Because, with food, I'll try anything once.
Five people either dead or alive you would have at your fantasy dinner party::
 Wow....I honestly dont know, I came up with Dean Martin, cause I just picture him as the ultimate dinner party guest, Ol Dirty Bastard, cause well, I loved the man and he would be interesting. Someone historic like Julius Ceaser (assuming I can understand him) just cause Im fasinated with the old world, and I'd love to hear about it, perhaps Sun Tzu for the same reason, only from a different part of the world. Hmmm, and some sort of explorer like columbus or marco polo. I bet they have some crazy stories.
 see above
If a pilot would fly you anywhere you want, you would go to:
 That would be an agonizing descision for me...there is nothing I love more than travelling. Would I go back to a place I've already been, and love, or try my hand at some place new? Probablly I'd try greec, it's new and interesting, and there are alot of places I want to see nearby.
My perfect slice of pizza is:
 Once again, depends on what Im in the mood for, but I think BBQ Chicken has topped my list long enough to go here.
You are at a bar. You order this drink:
 probablly a jaeger bomb, or a tequila shot
You are at a coffee shop. What coffee or tea do you order:
 either regular coffee with lots of cream, lots of sugar, or a caramel machiato if Im feeling fancy
If a genie could grant you three wishes they would be (separate by commas):
 I would want to start a successful multi media company, so I could take care of my friends and family, I would wish for good health, because....well I dont know what the future holds in that reguard. A third wish I'd like to hang onto for a rainy day
You are going on a long road trip and you can only bring three CD's. Which ones do you bring (separate by commas):
 Bob Marley and the Wailers, Sublime, WuTang
If I could do anything for my neighborhood today, it would be:
 Not really sure what my neighborhood needs
A sunset I remember:
 I dont usually notice them Im sorry to say
Any character I could be from a movie, TV show or book would be:
 Luke Skywalker
 He's certainly not my favorite character in star wars, but I think he lives everyones dream. Manages to cast off an exsistance that offers him nothing, for a life of excitement, heroics, power, responsibility. And I want a lightsabre