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Birth Date: Tue, Jul 12 1988

Place of residence:
Edmond Oklahoma, United States (map)

I am: Single & Dating

Schools: University of Central Oklahoma

Jobs: AKO tech at Dell Inc.

Tools Program Stats:
Member Since: 03/23/11
Last Login: 03/17/13
Viewed: 23088
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Program Progress: Day 67
isthatcory's Challenges:

isthatcory's Participating:
PFR Challenge
Personal Interests:
Favorite Places:
I Want To See:
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Tools Goal List:

Areas In My Life I Want To Work On

I Want To Quit Or Control

Skills I Am Interested In

I Suffer From

isthatcory's Life List:
Become fluent in Spanish. My second family is from Mexico and they mean so much to me.
Lose 30lbs.
Find love.
Have no more low-self esteem.
Buy a motorcycle for my trip when I turn 30.
Get out of Debt.
Get my A+ certification.
Graduate College
Go hang gliding.
Go to Europe
Get over my fear of spiders.
Get over my fear of rejection.
Find failure as a friend
Take my brother somewhere memorable.
Learn to play guitar.
Build my own super computer.
Get 10 videos made for OMP Films.
Lose 10 lbs
Get a 3.0 GPA in my next college semester.
Learn to use photoshop.
Get outline for the book you have been meaning to write for years.
Write first chapter of above book.
Finish chapter 5 of book.
Write the website for OMP Films.
Get 10 subscribers on youtube for OMP Films.
Learn to hockey stop perfectly.
Learn to play hockey.
Get OMP and FDP business cards.
Finish my Tattoo
Go to every continent.
Run a 5k
Go to another Broadway play.
Learn to snowboard.
Go scuba diving.
Catch a shark.
Investigate a haunted house.
Learn to surf.
Move out of my parents house.
Go on a long road trip.
Learn to fly a plane.
Learn to ride a motorcycle.
Go to a World Series Game.
Do a podcast.
Visit Washington D.C.
Buy a house.
Buy and restore a Corvair.
Go to Las Vegas and break even or profit.
Be apart of the Charles Schultz hockey game after I turn 40.
Visit Normandy beach in France.
Do stand up.
Go white water rafting.
Go to San Diego Comic Con.
Go to Penny Arcade Expo.
Donate $1000 to Child's Play at one time.
Sell a painting I have done.
Get married.
Have a child and raise a family.
Go to a Dallas Stars game.
Buy an M1 Garand
Help build a house for charity.
Walk on the great wall.
See the pyramids.
Go to Hawaii and surf.
Go to Disney Land and get a picture with every character.
Pitch a movie to a movie studio.
Write the script to The Block
Be able to do fifty push ups without stopping.
Swim with sharks.
Eat at Les Halles





cheer it


Fri, Apr 15 07:19 PM



Yes; I did fall into the robotic trap. I did notice it. So I changed it. I became more enthusiastic! I tapped danced in front of my room mate saying the transition affermation yesterday. I also with fists on my hips laughed saying "I'm having a great day!" (Cloudy with a chance of meatballs?, yes) Today's chapter was on the brain, and positive thinking. I really liked this chapter. It made me feel... powerful. I'm looking forward to whatever this program brings. On to the topic of the bump he talked about in a previous chapter. I can feel it coming. I know I'm going to hit it. I also want it to know I'll get through it. I'm not afraid of it. I do intend to complete this program and nothing is going to stop me.

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Of course you are going to hit it!

You are going to finish it! You are nearly a third of the way!  Well done.

This program is awesome!

I finsihed it last Summer and will continue to use what I learned for life. I think I need to start doing my affirmations and great day routine though. Most my days are great lately, but when I was doing that, it was like I was flying so high nothing could bring me down. :-) Best wishes to you!!!