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Birth Date: Thu, Apr 28 1983

Place of residence:
Casper Wyoming, United States (map)

I am: Single & Dating

Schools: Casper College

Jobs: layed of from the oilfield

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Member Since: 12/10/09
Last Login: 01/01/12
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Program Progress: Day 31
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Right now i just want to find inner happiness. I have always been a negative person and i have let it run my life. I dont want to be like that any more and i am finally ready to start being happy with life and with myself!





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Thu, Mar 18 03:41 PM



ive been bad and havnt been logging on as much lately. and im a little behind on the reading.

but things have been going really well for me. i am more positive and happy. i dont let people get to me. my weight has been very stable at 137lbs. i am single (first time in many years) and im ok with it.

i started back to work and that is going well too. well except im only working a couple days a week but soon i will be full time.Cool

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Good News!!!

Sounds like you are utilizing the tools you have gained thus far!  Good for you!  As you are able, keep tooling along!  you will gain even more skills along the way!  You sound like you are doing marvelous!  KEEP GOING!!!!



You're a winner! You're a winner!

way to be!

awesome... and high five on the positive optimistic attitude!


What happened to the new man? If you don't mind me asking. Good to see you back. I have been slackin too. I've been really busy and just haven't made the time. It's all good, we just need to do better. Glad to hear things are good with you and work. Was it hard to get back into the swing of things? Be Good!

Oh Jewelz! I am happy you are back here!

Your attitude sets a great example! Tool further like this you are getting stronger and stronger. Your picture shows a beautiful and assertive and positive person!

No - Good!

Looks like you have been working on making some big changes in your life! So many of your blogs before were on your relationship and now you throw that big news on us that you are single! It sounds like you are doing ok with that though and I bet you came to that conclusion by applying Tools and listening to your inner voice. :-)


I've been slacking a bit myself. been busy! After being single for a long time, I actually have a new man in my life. Breaking up or finding new love - both big changes that take your time!


It's good to see you here still going! I know the next 20 days are probably going to take me two months, but I'm going to get through them and do all the work right! Taking time just gives you more opportunity to drill it into your brain and make sure the changes last a lifetime!