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Mon, Apr 26 06:32 PM

Stage Fright

 I really want to try stand up comedy, but i am deathly afraid of public speaking. Any one have any pointers?

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Well, when I saw your photo I thought you would be great with the public, you radiate with happiness and laughter! The crowd will be on your side immediately. Also a book that helped me in many ways is "face the fear and do it anyway", very empowering!


Good luck!



says: I am a member of the local toast masters group in my town. I have learned allot about public speaking from attending the weekly meetings. It has helped allot. I still get nervous but it's controllable.


Hey Mattski


If it is of any consolation, most good public speakers are terrified before they go on, but they have realised that their audience just can't tell.


I do a lot of public speaking for work and the clammy palms and dry mouth just never seem to have disappeared over the years.... 30 seconds into it, I'm having the most fun I could ever have. My audiences tell me that I seem super-relaxed, they just don't know I'm nervous. So I've learned to just breathe, push through the negative thoughts and most of all, focus on my audeience and forget myself.


People who try comedy espec stand-up generally fall into 2 camps - they try it and loathe it, or do it and cannot get enough of it. I'm so excited for you that you are thinking about giving this a whirl. Look around for some open mike nights, have about 3 minutes of material you've tried on friends and fam first, learn it by heart and go for it. I would try early evening at an open mike night when the audience isn't too drunk and therefore nasty, but doing this at some stage would be good experience for you.


Wow, keep us posted!!!