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Birth Date: Hidden

Place of residence:
Monroe North Carolina, United States (map)

I am: Married



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Member Since: 09/10/10
Last Login: 09/10/10
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nissan2298's Life List:
Be in a marriage, with the spouse feeling as though she has the best husband and father to her children in the world
drive a race car
marry a good girl
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I joined TOOLS because:
 I am depressed. My wife kicked me out of the house. I need to work on bettering myself. I've been very controlling since our wedding day and did not actually realize or acknowledge it myself, until I fear it is too late. Trying to better my life and myself. I want to get my soul mate back.
You are offered your dream job. What job is it?:
 I would have to a meteorologist doing scientific study on hurricanes, tornadoes, and other naturally occuring catastrphic events.
My favorite wild animal is:
 I've been thinking about a goose lately.
Why (describe as much as possible):
 I know they can be mean, but from what I have been told, they only have one mate for life, they are loyal, and always seem to highly respect one another. Plus, they are content with where they are in life, if they weren't, the would just fly someplace else.
My favorite domestic animal is (if you choose dog be specific with breed etc):
 We have a Rottweiller and a Catahula Leapord mix, with whom I used to despise. For the past year I have grown fond of them, as they are both great dogs. For the two days I was home alone, they knew I was unhappy and followed me everywhere, would not leave my side. I was very unhappy to leave them.
A famous Chef will prepare anything you want. What do you order:
 Some sort of fish.
 I'm not generally a fish eater, although growing up by the coast in Florida, I love some now and then. Besides, I can go to Applebees or Chilis and get steak or chicken.
Five people either dead or alive you would have at your fantasy dinner party::
 My wife, mother-in-law Denise who passed away when my wife was 5, my brother-in-law Jason, George K, Papau before he was sick.
 They are a fun group of people, with whom I've never been around all at one time. The stories are absolutely amazing, and I would love not only to meet my mother-in-law, but have my wife have the chance to do the same.
If a pilot would fly you anywhere you want, you would go to:
 Worlds largest something, ball of yarn, or mountain, or cheesteak.
My perfect slice of pizza is:
 buffalo chicken
You are at a bar. You order this drink:
 vodka, sprite zero, twist of lime.
You are at a coffee shop. What coffee or tea do you order:
 hot chocolate
If a genie could grant you three wishes they would be (separate by commas):
 get my wife back, make her happy for life, raise a family immediately!
You are going on a long road trip and you can only bring three CD's. Which ones do you bring (separate by commas):
 we really aren't that different you and i (custom made by my wife), corey smith, trent willmon
If I could do anything for my neighborhood today, it would be:
 help out with anything
A sunset I remember:
 recently, I was in St Augustine with the wife, we saw it going down and it just brings me good memories because it was a fantastic trip.
Any character I could be from a movie, TV show or book would be:
 Movie for me... A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks.
 I don't remember the entire movie, but I know the guy loved his woman, through her sickness, all the way to the very end. Very romantic, but sad, and I would like to think of myself as that passionate.