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Join Now Day #24 and counting by oldangelsue
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Birth Date: Sat, Jan 10 1948

Place of residence:
Windsor Ontario, Canada (map)

I am: Married

Schools: Michigan State

Jobs: author, artist, teacher, graphic designer

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Day #24 and counting



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Sun, May 06 12:00 AM

Day #24 and counting

 Boy, I had no idea of how many excuses I make every single day.  This tools program is guiding me to taking personal responsibility for my exercise program, the food I eat and how I respond to others.  I wonder why they don't teach this stuff in school.  How different my life might have been if I had taken a tools course in high school or college.  Still, it's not over until it's over so I have some life left to live and I intend to do it without excuses.  Some of what I used to say are:  "I'm fat because I eat but I eat because I am in pain" - "I can't exercise because my joints are too swollen and it hurts me".....Enough already.  I am not a child who needs a candy when I skin my knee.  I cannot improve my level of fitness until I am willing to participate.  Three balanced weighed meals a day are my daily plan and I can exercise on the treadmill and bike for a minimum of 30 minutes every day.  So far, so good.  Today is day 24 and already I am feeling stronger, more positive and healthier.  Pain lives here but it is not worse and I believe it might be somewhat better as of today.


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I keep seeing your profile pic, and just had to comment about your progress. I'm a member of SparkPeople, but I noticed that I was getting burnt out. I joined up with TTL, and I learned that IF I wanted to lose weight...that I would have! I never thought of it that way! All these years of playing the victim, making excusing, blaming others. All just a cop-out! So now I don't have an "excuse!"


Seriously, though, I think that the TOOLS will help us deal with all aspects of our lives. It's brilliant, but simple!


Keep up the good work!