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Birth Date: Thu, Jul 16 1970

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New Port Richey fl, United States (map)

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I want to get out of debt, have a great relationship with my mom and daughter, get married, develop a satisfying career, make a quilt, do a triathlon and watch the playoffs.


Body Makeover



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Wed, May 13 03:04 PM

Body Makeover


I am on Day 19 of the Body Makeover and it has taken me this long to really get with the program.  When I read that I had to clean out the pantry and dump all the food on the no-no list I had a mental block or a "bump" about it.  I had just gone to the grocery and it was "healthy" stuff like cereals and soups etc.  but after letting the words sink in and hearing it over and over and wanting to really make some changes, I decided to let it go.  I mean, what is $50 of food over my health.  Then it was Stamp Out Hunger Day so I was able to give it to the mailman and have it delivered to local foodbanks, serendipity!  I keep going to the pantry and 'fridge and findiing more things and getting rid of them, my family thinks I am crazy.  But they are happy to inherit the cans of this, boxes of that. 


I have always always always wanted to can my own soups anyway.  I make awesome soups and the good news is that but for salt my ingredients are all on the approved list. Well, except for the noodles in the chicken noodle.  I will have to think about that one.  I live in FL and we need to have canned food on hand for hurricanes but it can be homemade and "put up". 


Also, summer time is garden bonanza time, my daughter and I just planted some herbs for our own kitchen garden and will pick up some starter plants for tomatoes and other vegetables this weekend. I have been talking to her about the food changes and she is at the right age to be willing to make changes, we have always been healthy eaters anyway, not a lot of junk.


To be honest, I am having a HARD time giving up dairy.  I get what coach is teaching about soy and whey and sodium and sugar and red meat but I want to keep dairy.  I miss it. I want to have cottage cheese. But I am sticking to it.


Anyway, long story...I am finally getting OK with it.  I am able to make the changes part of my life.  Whereas at first there was a feeling of this is never going to work I am at the point where I think, I am pretty sure this is going to work for me most of the time. I

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Go girl go

Your story is very motivational, Good for you for making the changes, YOU can do it.. After a while with eating clean, you wont even crave the dairy, when i first started i LOVED cheese, but now i dont even like the looks of it..lol

Hope you keep your head up, give it time and you will FEEL great!!!!