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Mon, Mar 08 01:41 PM


 Today's topic is faith.  Faith in yourself.  Well, I'm going to have to spend more than one day on this topic.  Last Friday I lost it with my attorney.  Yes, we are going to trial in April and I think he's incompetent.  I have many examples of his incompetence.  I don't really have the option of switching attorneys since his firm assigned him to me and we are four years into this case.  The bottomline is that regardless of what he did or didn't do, I had no right to speak to him the way I did.   My temper is bad and fortunately, or unfortunately, I'm smart enough to verbally kick his ass!  This guy is an attorney with 25 years of experience and I twisted his words around and shoved them down his throat.  Now this might sound prideful, but it's not.  It's a horrible skill (?) -- is it a skill or a curse?  In any event, now I have to make amends.  I won't apologize because everything I said was true.   I'm not a liar.  But how I talked to him was just plain wrong.  I shouldn't talk to anybody in this manner.  Plus, I'm an idiot -- this guy is my attorney.  He's supposed to be on my side.  I have lost faith in my ability to control my temper and behave appropriately.  Day 34 will need some work.  I need to restore faith in myself to handle myself accordingly.  I am calling him this afternoon and I hope to do some damage control.  Wish me luck!     

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Damage control sucks the big green weenie.  I really do know how you feel.  Before I quit drinking I would fly right off the handle and say exactly what I felt.  It was always true but almost never appropriate.  I was always taught that words are like bullets, once fired you can’t get them back, but a sincere, true apology is the best you can do to make amends.  That doesn’t mean you have to apologize for what you said (if those are your true feelings) just the manner in which you spoke to him.  After that it is up to the other person to let it go and move on or dwell on it.  I am a black belt in verbal judo as well but remember we should only use our powers for good.  Don’t beat yourself up over it we have all done it and like I said the best you can do is your part to make amends the rest is up to him.   


I agree

Well said Rad!

You got this

TJ what can I say that hasn't been said. Rad is right apologize for the way you said what you said, if what you say is true and honest you don't have to be sorry for that.  I know that i come from a long line of yellers, my dad yelled my grandpa yelled my grampa's dad yelled too, I have found that cycles can be broken, it's tough 3 second fuses don't give you a lot of time to be proactive.  Management is the key.  You got this!

Good Luck!

Go Canucks Go!




what do they say? theres an oppurtunity in every situation...well maybe u just solidified how talented u are in arguing..maybe U should be the attorney? sounds like u might be pretty badass in a courtroom! u can come argue my case!lol..have a great day! ur all good!

evil mr temper

oh tempers....they are there no matter what... but its hard to have faith in people as well. after four years with this person as your attorney i would hope he knows you well enough not to let words interfere with the matter at hand. stay strong and true to yourself!