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Birth Date: Fri, Apr 10

Place of residence:
Fort Myers FL, United States (map)

I am: Married

Schools: South Newton Jr-Sr. High School, Purdue University

Jobs: Insurance Agent, Real Estate Agent, Teacher, Safety Officer, Director of Research, Continuous Improvement Director, Entrepreneur

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Member Since: 03/28/11
Last Login: 06/07/11
Viewed: 8662
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Program Progress: Day 26
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TessBrennan's Life List:
Hire a housekeeper.
Hire a bookkeeper
Take 3 people to the BDC- April 15 & 16.
Be the keynote speaker for a large group (2,000+)
Build a large, Florida style home on acreage.
Assist at least 12 other people in achieving their financial and life goals.
Earn a car through my corporate sponsor
Promote to Presidential Master Coordinator.
Take 2 trips/year to see family and friends, while working.
Take 1 vacation per year with immediate family.
Attend and participate in a mission trip.
Go on a safari.
Marry my best friend and have a family.
Walk in the 2011 Tampa 3-day for Susan G. Komen
gain 10 directors in 12 months.
Day 15 homework??



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Sat, Apr 23 06:43 PM

Day 15 homework??


I am not sure how to complete the Exercises section for today.

Am I supposed to write the same 5 things for each of the 10 sections? Or a different 5 things for each of the 10 sections?  This is different than other affirmation type things I have done, so I am confused.


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says: Yea! YOu are doing great! I hear it in your voice and see it in the organization in your business activities. You are such a power of example. Love you girl!

says: I figured it out.