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Birth Date: Thu, May 10 1984

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Ljubljana Slovenia, Slovenia (map)

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not following the check list



cheer it


Fri, Dec 18 04:07 PM

not following the check list

 I just finished day 36 and i am realizing positive changes in my life. I am nicer to the world and world is nicer to me, I am drinking more water, have more patience, study more, using To Do list...but somehow I don't follow my check list. I have a feeling that somehow I see what is the point of TOOLS. Putting effort every day. I am just sad because I don't complete all my tasks or sometimes i hit snooze button or I am not doing things I know I should. Please write me, how do you motivate yourself to do things on the check list. Do you manage to complite all points on your check list/ to do list? Thank you for your comments. I hope this post is understandable (I am not native english speaker. I wish you a nice da!

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checklist also

I am guessing there is no one who consistently does everything on the checklist. every single day. Sometimes I run out of time - which isn't really an excuse - or just plain forget (I need a checklist to remember the checklist). I guess the test now that you are pretty far along on day 36 is how much of the checklist are you doing automatically and subconciously without looking at it. You are probably doing more than you realize. feel good about it!

my inner voice

im not as far as you in Tools but I know how you feel about not doing everything on the checklist, I get like that too. And what seems to be helping me is that inner voice actually will tell me "you need to drink water" or "smile" or "brush your teeth"


I think the more we do it and the more we really want this change the easier to comes. :)


Keep up the good work!